We hear several myths and false assumptions every day, especially with the modern presence of social media in today’s world. But the real risks to watch out for are damaging myths and lies that cost you money, safety, and comfort.

To help eliminate loads of misconceptions about plumbing, water, money, we’re sharing the most common plumbing myths and facts.

MYTH: Repairs shouldn’t cost more than the materials.
FACT: Sometimes, the costs of labor and repair will be more than the materials themselves. This depends on the project, but remember the value of a good plumber to:

  • Appropriately identify the plumbing problem and root cause
  • Give the best solution for your home
  • Determine which procedures and equipment give you the sharpest for the buck
  • Install the parts correctly the first time
  • Provide a warranty and labor and materials

MYTH: The lowest plumbing estimate saves you money.
FACT: Our everyday instincts are to go with the lowest quote we can find. Unfortunately, this may lead to higher costs overall. You want to choose the contractor who will provide you the lowest cost overall. While upfront costs are something to be cautious about, you also want to consider that these equipment should be made to last a long period of time.

Often, the lower the upfront cost, the less guarantees and warranties are available. You want to compare the overall offer, including:

  • The quality of the parts
  • Any included warranties (labor and/or materials)
  • Guarantees and promises to “go the extra mile”

Many plumbers and handymen will quote a low price to get the job, but will provide a poor, shoddy work. If you hold back on the initial repair, you could be facing larger maintenance costs and more frequent repairs down the road. Plus, halfway into the job, the price might suddenly change significantly. You want to hire someone who sticks by their upfront pricing and satisfaction guarantees. If a plumber does offer any guarantees, make sure you get it in writing.

Your home is an important investment. When possible, you want to focus on quality and durability over upfront costs.

Avoid general handymen for serious plumbing. When you call a professional plumber, you get highly skilled plumbers who arrive on-time in fully stocked vehicles. Contact Elizabeth Drain Service for fully qualified and insured to perform excellent customer service.

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