Making A Wedding Day Transportation Plan

Coordinating your wedding day transportation is one of the most important things you need to take on during the wedding planning process. Here’s everything you need to know to get you, your bridal party and even your guests to and from your wedding ceremony and reception.

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First things first, which means setting your budget. As with most of the wedding planning, everything starts with deciding on how much money you’re going to allocate to that need. How much money you have to spend on transportation will determine what kind of limo you hire, how long you have transportation for, how many limos you hire and even how many people you are able to transport. When deciding on your budget, don’t forget to factor in tipping your driver or drivers.

Determine Who is Paying for Transportation

For some couples the responsibility for paying for transportation many falls solely on them. However, for others, one or both sets of parents may be pitching in. Some families do this to allow for transportation for more family members and include even extended family, or out of town guests. If you have a lot of out of town guests, it may make sense for them to contact your limo company to hire car service for their own transportation needs.

What Type and Style of Limo Your Prefer

This question can heavily impact what type of limousine you hire for your wedding day. If you’re a laid back couple and simply want to get from point A to point B hiring a town limo-like our Passaic Limousines and Party Buses will be perfect for you. Or if you want to have a fun party-like experience for your time on the road, a party bus will be ideal.

Count How Many People Need A Ride

Another important factor to consider is how many people you need to transport. Taking a headcount, will be got a long way in helping you determine your vehicle needs. As a general rule of thumb here’s a breakdown of average capacities for most cars:

  • Party Buses: 20-36 passengers
  • Stretch Limos: 8-12 passengers
  • Hummer stretch limo: 18-23 passengers

Determining How Long You Need A Limo

Some couples only need transportation from their home or hotel to their reception hall. While other couples need to be picked up from home, transported to the ceremony location, another location for photos and then to the reception hall. The number of stops you need to make may impact your decision, as will whether or not you want to pose next to the vehicle for your wedding photos.

Book Your Wedding Transportation Today

Coordinating your wedding transportation may not be as exciting as some of the other items on your wedding to-do list, but it is surely one of the most important. These helpful tips will make determining what you need in regards to wedding transportation simple and stress-free.

To book your wedding day transportation, contact us today.

Defining Society, Science, and Ethnicity

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The topic of society, science, and ethnicity can often be filled with complexities, but we are here to break them down into bite-sized pieces which you can easily comprehend.

According to the social sciences, ethnicity is often used to distinguish between the majority and minority groups. Once the distinction has been made, sociologists and other experts dig deep and study the relations between the two groups within our society, exploring social topics such as inequalities in things like education, housing, income, etc.

Further discussion will dig even deeper, and the ethnicities are subdivided into further groups by cultural attributes such as country of origin, language, religious practices, etc. Although this is a common misconception, ethnicity is still distinct from a race. Race, on the other hand, is used to distinguish people by their physical appearance, and this genetic component doesn’t correlate with one’s ethnicity. Ethnicity is linked to cultural background, which is re-enforced by cultural customs, as previously mentioned.

There is also a very subjective nature to the topic of ethnicity, such as when viewed under the lens of a different society. Take the example of second-generation Mexican Americans. Although they may be natural born US citizens and tend to share the same religious views as the dominant American majority, they will always be defined ethnically as Mexican Americans. But if these same Mexican Americans were to visit Mexico, especially as first timers, they will be ethnically viewed as Americans, since they speak with an American dialect, and will be very much Americanized in terms of their clothing style, food preferences, musical tastes, etc.

The topic of ethnicity in science and society is becoming ever more important in today’s diverse society, but it can be tough to bring nuance to this complex topic. Therefore, it is important to understand what ethnicity means, how it relates to science and society, and to get involved in more discussions surrounding this issue.